Individualized Care


Learning Through Play 

OUR caregivers

Grow+Learn has a talented group of experienced caregivers that are an integral part of our culture. 


We are fortunate to have our staff with upwards of 20 collective years of childcare experience. Our caregivers bring so much to our program every day.

  • bilingual story time
  • inventive child-led art projects
  • engaging circle time
  • ​fresh home prepared meals with an emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies



At Grow+Learn, we believe each child is an individual with their own personality and one-of-a-kind needs. 


  • 4:1 Child to Caregiver Ratio for All Ages
  • Individualized Infant Care Schedules
  • Play Based Learning Environment
  • Reasonable Tuition

 Engaged Caregivers

3619 N. Saint Louis

Chicago Illinois 60618


Our Philosophy

Grow+Learn believes in fostering an environment where each child is nurtured as an individual. Our low child to caregiver ratio allows us to be attentive and caring to each child's needs and personalities, creating a comforting and welcoming space that becomes a child's home away from home. 

Our Infant nursery provides a quiet space for infant sleep needs. This gives Grow+Learn caregivers the ability to allow infants to sleep on their own unique schedule and promotes healthy sleeping habits. We also keep parent caregiver communication open through daily activity reports and regular conversations at drop offs and pickups.

Our mixed age play space provides a bright open and safe environment for children to play. Through interaction with children and caregivers in this space, children are able to develop social skills at their own pace. We count it our privilege to foster this environment and watch our kids gain friendships and learn to be kind and loving.

Grow+Learn Early Childhood